5 Scary Experiments

5 days to go till October Half-term! To celebrate here is 5 Scary Experiments for you to try at home, for more Halloween fun buy the October Pack now.

1.Spider Web Slime

All children love to make slime, but why not make it extra scary and make spider web slime! Plus it's a great way to make use of those plastic spiders - https://shrinke.me/GO2K

2. Bubbling Brew Cauldron

This experiment is sure to make any witch or wizard happy this Halloween with their very own bubbling brew complete with ingredients to any spooky spell they wish to cast -


3.Puking Pumpkin

Take your pumpkin one step further this year and scare the kids in your community with a puking pumpkin - https://shrinke.me/DSizmt

4. Self Inflating Ghost

Scare your friends with this simple experiments which turns a simple balloon in to a self inflating ghost - https://shrinke.me/YcY3N

5.Creepy Hands

Create your very own creepy hands with this melting ice experiment, the perfect way for kids to learn about ice as well as getting creative - https://shrinke.me/E7zw

For more Halloween themed fun, buy your October Pack today - www.thewowclub.co.uk

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