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The WOW Club
World Of Wonders (WOW)
An exciting monthly, or bi-monthly membership designed for 5-10 yr olds who have an inquisitive and curious imagination - delivering thrilling new activity-based story adventures, direct to door. 
Join the WOW Club Crew!
Follow the WOW Club and the Professor on their secret missions through time. Come face to face with everything from Pirates to Wizards. Race against villains to recover powerful, ancient artefacts. 

Solve puzzles, build equipment, craft your way out of trouble and use your STEAM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths) to win the day…plus SO, SO much more!

What's inside?

WOW Boxes 
Choose to receive a Monthly WOW Box Drop, including the 'Term-Time Travellers' Box and the 'Holiday Mission' Box, or a Bi-Monthly WOW Box Drop including the 'Holiday Mission' Box ready for every school holiday adventure! 

***Each new member will receive the AMAZING WOW Welcome Box***
Time Machine Box.png

WOW Box 1
Term Time Travellers

Delivered Term Time

This is THE ultimate tool kit to prepare young explorers before they embark on their important Mission during school holidays. These themed 'Imagination Creation' boxes dive into the past, present and future and unravel a particular point in time that explorers must understand and become fully immersed in before their next mission. 
*Can be sold separately £12.99+P&P each

WOW Box 2
School Holiday Mission 

Direct to Door Every School Holiday

Full of incredible immersive story-led activities. Embark on adventures like no other. Race against villains to recover powerful, ancient artefacts. Solve puzzles, build equipment, craft your way out of trouble and use your STEAM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths) to win the day…plus SO, SO much more!
*Can be sold separately £12.99+P&P each

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Will your kids enjoy it?

Don't take our word for it, here's what some others have had to say! 


How it works?


Step 1

"I'm bored!" 

Not anymore you're not! We want to give kids a resource-ready go-to 'WOW' inspired box that will feed their need for adventure and imagination - giving parents more time! 

Step 2

Select your membership

With prices starting from just £4.99 +P&P and hours of fun to be had, this is THE membership you need to be part of. 

Step 3

WOW Boxes Direct to Door!

Get excited, because it's coming your way very soon... kick starting with the INCREDIBLE FREE 'WOW' WELCOME BOX! 

Step 4

Adventure time!

With activities to stimulate, engage and excite, kids will not only learn and accomplish new skills, they'll uncover talents and interests they never knew they had! 


How Much is it? 
From ONLY £4.99+p&p PCM

Monthly Box.png

Holiday Box Drop

£4.99+p&p PCM

30% OFF RRP - SAVE £18


12 Monthly Payments

  • WOW Welcome Box 

  • Holiday Mission Box (x6)

  • Monthly Online Club Hub Access

  • Monthly Live Events (Pow-Wows)

  • School Holiday Live Classes


Includes P&P equivalent to £2.95 per box


Annual Box.png

Monthly Box Drop

£9.99+p&p PCM

30% OFF RRP - SAVE £36


12 Monthly Payments

  • WOW Welcome Box 

  • Term-'Time Travellers' Box (x6) 

  • Holiday Mission Box (x6)

  • Monthly Online Club Hub Access

  • Monthly Live Events (Pow-Wows) 

  • Expert Explorer Diploma 
  • School Holiday Live Classes
  • 20% discount on shop items (coming soon

Includes P&P £2.95 per box


All-in Box Drop

£8.99+p&p PCM

40% OFF RRP - SAVE £48


1 Annual Payment

  • WOW Welcome Box 

  • Term-'Time Travellers' Box (x6) 

  • Holiday Mission Box (x6)

  • Monthly Online Club Hub Access

  • Monthly Live Events (Pow-Wows) 

  • Expert Explorer Diploma 

  • School Holiday Live Classes

  • 20% discount on shop items (coming soon

Includes P&P £2.95 per box


Membership Recap!

A series of incredibly fun, boxed-up and online adventures, complete with manuals, tool kits, artefacts, craft packs, maps, storybooks and more.


WOW Boxes

Untitled design.png

(Click on title to find out more)

Term-Time Travelling Boxes
(Delivered Term Time)
Exclusive to each Holiday Mission Box, dive into the unknown, travel through time and immerse yourself in the adventure like never before.

Holiday Mission Boxes
(Delivered in time for School Holidays)
Full of incredible story-led activities. Direct to door every holiday.

online ACCESS

(Click on title to find out more)

Online Club Hub
Extend the adventure online, access masterclasses, join live events plus so much more!

Expert Explorer Diploma
For explorers wanting to find their hidden talents and learn exciting new skills. 6 Levels to complete.

Learn a Language.png

Our Aim. We heard you!

"I dread the 'I'm bored' moments during school holidays" 

Holidays Covered!

The WOW Club takes children on amazing adventures with so much to do, in packs and online, they’ll never be bored again, leaving parents with more time and less to worry about - so they can look forward to the school holidays as much as the kids do!

"How do I know if my child will love it?" 

Something for everyone!

Just as our WOW Club crew are a diverse bunch, we’ve ensured there’s an amazing mix of activities to suit all tastes and interests.

"Will this get them off their computer?" 

A world of imagination.

Less screen time... more dream time.

We’re experts at creating magical role play experiences, so while there are lots of online activities too, their purpose is to stimulate engagement in the whole adventure and all the amazing real world learning experiences it presents. 

As a whole package, the WOW Club’s activities encourage excitement and exploration in multiple skills . 

"Is this just more 'stuff' filling up their room?" 

Quality & Purpose!

We’ve worked hard to ensure our packs contain quality items all linked to our amazing role play themed adventures, ensuring everything will be well played with, not just out of the box, but for lots of imagination filled play to come.

"I'm already busy, I don't want to do more" 

Delivered direct, through your door and online.

You don’t have to go anywhere to go EVERYWHERE.  We’ll bring the Adventure to YOU!

"Can they do it for themselves?" 

We know what works!

With a team of educational experts creating our content, we know what works for kids. Some activities are designed to promote quality together time, such as board games, DT or cooking activities, but the clear diagrams, simple instructions and comic book style of our stories ensures most children can access their adventures independently.

What our parents are saying

WOW and WOW some more!

This has to be the BEST membership my child has ever been part of. He's already spent hours telling me all about the adventures he's about the embark on...

- Mum of 6yr old. 

Hours of imagination

Clearly they know how to tap into children's minds because I haven't seen my twins this engaged in their imagination for a long time. It's so refreshing to see them work together as well as enjoy working on their individual talents. Thank you WOW Club!

- Mum of twins 7 (nearly 8!) yr olds. 

Character Line-up.png

Meet The WOW Club Crew

Your crew...  

Be part of something amazing!

A time-travelling crew of dedicated and loyal kids on their quest to save the world from evil villains. 

Places you'll go, things you'll see...

WOW Logo (Transparent).png


Throughout the membership, you'll collect everything a time travelling explorer needs to trek their way through time and space on a mission to save the world. 


Adventure Kit
Adventure Kit

Your explorer handbook, world map and stickers to document your adventures. We’ll send you more equipment with each mission.

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Explorer Essentials
Explorer Essentials

Everything you need to start you off on your very first adventure.

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The WOW Club Membership ID
The WOW Club Membership ID

Exclusive membership identity equipment.

press to zoom
Time Travelling Essentials
Time Travelling Essentials

Everything you need to time travel to different destinations across the world.

press to zoom
Explorer Communications
Explorer Communications

To help you communicate with the rest of the crew and with the Professor.

press to zoom
Mission, Tips & Advice
Mission, Tips & Advice

Mission debriefs, essential travel tips and advice.

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The WOW Boxes

Delivered during term time or every school holiday, every WOW Box comes with...

Time Travellers

Themed Activity Book

Creating a fully immersive and imaginative experience. 

Activity Templates 

Creating a fully immersive and imaginative experience. 

Themed Objects  
Immersive role play objects, trinkets, gifts and more(!) 

Activity Resources 
Resources to help you to complete the activities!

Untitled design.png

BONUS Themed Activity

Secret bonus with every Term-Time box drop! 


Adventure-led activity book

With beautifully hand drawn illustrations and activities that explore all things STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths).

BOX-ED Challenge 

Box 'Engineering Design' Challenge!

Family & Friends Board Game 

Challenge family and friends with an adventure based game!

Ready-to-go resources 

Resources to help you to complete the activities!

Private Access Code

Online HUB adventures - for holidays and beyond!

Bonus collectables

THEMED Story Cards 

Exclusively illustrated mission generating story cards to generate stories or play games with friends 


For keep-sake or to position proudly on a wall to share the adventures with all. 

BONUS Explorer Equipment

Secret bonus with every Holiday box drop! 


Exclusively illustrated postcards to send to family & friends to tell them about the adventures embarked on.

Online Hub.png

Exclusive Online Members Hub

Available All-Year!

Hosting hours of extra fun

Masterclasses, Demos, Club Meet-ups, Explorer Training, Games & Quizzes, LIVE events! 


Designed to further each of the adventures and deliver fun, engaging content all year round. 


Explorer Diploma

EARN MEDALS and CERTIFICATIONS along the way as part of the WOW Club’s Expert Explorer Diploma. 

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3

Specialist Skills 

Level 4


Level 5


Level 6



Begin your adventure today...

UK based business,

Worldwide distribution coming soon.