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(each & every school holiday)

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It really is instant entertainment & quality family time. I get to enjoy my girls having amazing fun, without screens and without the hassle of me having to scroll for hours looking for ideas or finding materials to complete the activities!
- Charlotte, mum of 2

From Only   £9.95
every school holiday*

Including  Postage & packaging!

Trial Box ONLY £5

*Based on our Annual Holiday Club Box offer, 20% discount on Pay AS You Go Subscription Box

How it works...

Our 6 wow's!

1. Weather Proof!

No matter the weather, location or occasion you can enjoys an adventure

2. Delivered
direct to your door in our famous purple box. Bringing the adventure to you. 

3. Compact
meaning you can take it on your travels - yet it's packed full of exciting adventures - AND, it comes fully resourced and ready-to-go

4. Engaging 
HOURS more fun & engaging than a supermarket magazine... also MORE eco-friendly!

5. Rewarding  

Let your child be proud of their creativity whilst being screen-free.  

PLUS, help ignite their interest and a passion for reading!

6. Improves 
Children's creativity, concentration, problem solving, confidence and mental wellbeing!


Step  1

Sign-up today

Trial Box ONLY £5

Join other WOW Clubbers as they adventure to new worlds full of incredible & engaging activities

I've got to say I think this is one of the best activity boxes I've ever bought - I'm very impressed.”

- Sally Benson, mum of 2


Step  2

Free 'Welcome Pack' delivered* 

Full of WOW-club surprises!

Trial Box ONLY £5

My daughter is absolutely loving her subscription. It has led to days of activities, crafts and role play, which she has loved. Definitely the best activity box she's had.”

- Rachel Ward, mum of 1

*Only delivered when full price subscription (without discount) has be made.


Step  3

School holiday  adventures begin

  • Comic book adventure

  • STEAM*-led activities 

  • PLUS monthly bonuses 

  • Activity resources

  • How-to instructions

  • Surprise gift

*Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths

Trial Box ONLY £5


Whatever the reason or season, enjoy a WOW-moment or two! 

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So many new  activities to explore!

What is the WOW Club?
A School Holiday
Ready-to-go Activity box
for kids 5-11yrs  
Every school holiday The WOW Club brings adventure direct to YOUR door through a comic book story, which engages kids in 'WOW-mazing' STEAM*-led activities - all of which are fully resourced and ready-to-go**!  
*Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths
**We aim for 80-90% of activities to be resourced & ready-to-go 
Love adventure? Join us!
This unique box has been built to provide instant entertainment and quality screen-free time during the school holidays -
AND can be used as quality family time or for independent play! 
Uniquely Designed 
The WOW Club is designed to empower kids imaginations, engage their creativity, boost their sense of wellbeing and confidence.

WOW Club  Adventures

From Superheroes to chocolate mayhem, 
YOUR child's WOW box is sure to get them off the screens and ignite their imagination for hours of 'WOW-tastic' fun!

Incredible adventures without the worry of the weather, these boxes are perfect for at-home days, screen-free days, 'I'm bored' days, days that need some 'WOW', rainy days, away days ... keeping those school holiday days entertaining and engaging!

Make today a WOW-day!

Wizarding World Crafts_edited.jpg

Let their imagination explore new realms  and explode with excitement 

WOW Club Coin Skittles.jpg

Focus their mind, watch their confidence  grow 

WOW Club  Activities

Every school holiday your adventurer will receive the WOW Box, including a comic book with make-and-do STEAM-led activities, plus bonuses

Plus, they'll be packed full with EVERYTHING they'll need to complete the activities!  
WOW-mazing right?

Trial Box ONLY £5


Have a WOW-mazing adventure!

My 7yr old has really enjoyed the creativity of each edition.

The fact it comes all in a box and ready to go really encourages him to get stuck in. 

- Aimee Dawson, mum


Join the hundreds of other WOW-clubbers


Let them learn new skills whilst going on amazing adventures

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Awaken their imagination  with the WOW Club!

WOW Club   Holiday Fun!

With a brand new story within every box, our WOW clubbers are always excited to see where they are going to land next...

Will they be helping to solve a mysterious crime or saving the planet from bad guys?
Adventure awaits!

Trial Box ONLY £5



Wholeheartedly the BEST subscription box we have ever received... the story engages my son in the activities, and is always left wanting more. Plus, I never have to worry about what to do with him when we're looking for something to do!   

- Mum to 8yr old


Get a WOW-mazing surprise every month!

Why we  are revolutionising
subscription boxes for kids  ...


Eco -friendly

We beleive

  • Our 'purple box' only contains the things you'll need - no waste, no clutter, no unnecessary packaging 

  • We always encourage re-purposing and recycling ... lots of our craft activities use everyday items that would normally end up in the bin!

  • We source as many products as we can locally to cut down on transport emissions and wherever possible we use recycled products


  • All of our 'purple boxes' contain at least 5+ FULLY RESOURCED STEAM-led activities to coincide with that month's adventure.

  • You can also expect to find bonus activities, games and surprises to keep kids entertained at home or away, any time of day!

  • PLUS, within every box our WOW Clubbers will be surprised with a surprise gift 


  • All of our activities and bonus content goes hand in hand with an exclusive, hand drawn comic book adventure story ...

  • Every school holiday we will take you on exciting escapades and marvellous missions ... but the fun doesn't stop there - where will their imagination take them next?



  • Each activity is designed to promote creative thinking and independence.

  • Our illustrated step by step instructions are easy to follow and children can either work on their own, or you can join in the fun for extra quality family time 

  • You will be amazed at what your WOW Clubber can achieve with a little help from us!

  • How-to videos are available for WOW-clubbers to watch for further help and assistance.

At home - or away


  • Your 'purple box' is the perfect companion for screen free time, rainy days, long journeys or even those dreaded 'I'm bored' moments ... pack everything into your WOW Club drawstring bag and take the 'WOW' with you wherever you go!

  • Designed to be easily transported or stored at home - allowing any day to be a WOW-day. 



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"Everything that is real, was imagined first..."
- Samantha Thorning


Build confidence and  encourage  independence