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The Membership
A monthly membership designed for 5-10 year olds who love to get creative and use their imagination!

Delivering action packed adventures through a hand-drawn comic style series, with handpicked activities that will both inspire and ignite children's creativity. 

Boasting a unique blend of offline and online STEAM-led (science, Tech, Engineering, Arts & Maths) activities, The WOW Club's membership will provide children an opportunity to not only turn 'I'm bored' moments into entertaining masterpieces, but help them develop new skills and uncover secret talents!  
Your Adventure Awaits...
Become part of The WOW Club and go on secret missions to solve crimes, unpick mysteries and find missing artefacts. 
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How it works?

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What's included?

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Direct to Door

1. FREE 'WOW' Welcome Box (worth £15!)
Full of exciting WOW-club gifts and your exclusive access to your WOW Club Hub. 

2. School's-Out 
WOW Gift
PLUS, receive a
BONUS gift every school holiday! 
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Online Club Hub

3. Monthly 'Adventure Collection'
An interactive comic book series filled with incredible action-packed, hand-picked activities for children to 'watch, download & do' 

Go on secret missions to recover ancient artefacts whilst learning new skills! 

What's inside?

Get the 'WOW' feeling!

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Different themed adventure every school holiday and term time (seasonal included)

Uniquely sourced handpicked activities (saving you time & money!) 

Activities are designed to be easily accessed and downloaded - print all or one at a time! 

Watch on any size screen in a safe and secure online environment

Beautifully illustrated templates, 'How-to' guides with simple steps, plus live demonstrations promoting independent play

Each Adventure Collection comes with additional role play activity ideas to encourage and extend the adventure into new worlds 

PLUS, online events and meet-ups for all WOW Club Members - AND a private shared community group for parents and children to share their work!

Online Club Hub

WOW Club Online Hub
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Membership Recap!


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Monthly Adventure Collection
(Online Club Hub Access)
Dropped into your child's Online Hub monthly, these incredible story-led activities are perfectly themed and brilliantly designed - complete them as they arrive or save them up!


Bonus Adventure BUMPER Collection
(Immediate Access, immediate FUN!)
Gain immediate access to your first adventure - this exclusive BUMPER collection will provide hours of fun! 

Bonus School's Out WOW Gift 
(Every School Holiday)
Either delivered directly or dropped into your child's online hub, these amazing bonus gifts are definitely something to look forward to. 

Not included
(but very useful!) 

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(Every School Holiday)
A huge resource bank of materials to support your crafting needs throughout your adventures. 
ONLY £29.99 (RRP £49.99)


Our Aim. Your Q's Answered!

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"I dread the 'I'm bored' moments"

Holidays, Rainy Days, At-Home Days... Covered!

The WOW Club takes children on amazing adventures with so much to do, in packs and online, they’ll never be bored again, leaving parents with more time and less to worry about - so they can look forward to the school holidays and at-home days as much as the kids do.

"Will this get them off their computer?" 

A world of imagination.

Less screen time... more dream time.

We’re experts at creating magical imagination-led experiences, so while there are lots of online activities too, their purpose is to stimulate engagement in the whole adventure and all the amazing real world learning experiences it presents. 

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"I'm already busy, I don't want to do more" 

Delivered direct, online.

You don’t have to go anywhere to go EVERYWHERE.  We’ll bring the Adventure to YOU - plus you choose what activity you have time for and all activities have a how-to demonstration so children can watch, learn and go!

"Will I have to print it all off?" 

Choose the activity to suit you.

Not all activities will have to be printed - in fact your child can pick which ones they want to do - and some they may just choose to watch and interact with online. 

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"How do I know if my child will love it?" 

Something for everyone!

We’ve ensured there’s an amazing mix of activities to suit all tastes and interests.

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"Is this just more 'stuff' filling up their room?" 

Quality & Purpose!

We’ve worked hard to ensure your Adventure Collection contains quality sourced activities that all link to our amazing themed adventures, ensuring everything accessed will be enjoyed and encourage lots of imagination filled play.

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"Can they do it for themselves?" 

We know what works!

With a team of educational experts creating our content, we know what works for kids. Some activities are designed to promote quality together time, such as board games, DT or cooking activities, but the clear diagrams, simple instructions and comic book style of our stories ensures most children can access their adventures independently.

Will your kids enjoy it?

Don't take our word for it, here's what some others have had to say! 


WOW, where do I start. He's already spent hours telling me all about his adventures... and we've only just begun.

- Sarah

Days of activities

My daughter is absolutely loving hers. It has led to days of activities, crafts and role play which she has loved. Definitely the best subscriptions she's ever had. 

- Nicole

Imagination on tap! 

Clearly they know how to tap into children's imaginations. It's so refreshing to see the kids work together as well as enjoy working on their own individual talents. 

- Ian 

Zero lapses...

Over an hour and a half with ZERO lapses in concentration. Amazing! Usually we only manage one page of a magazine before he gets bored.

- Sophie

Who is more excited?

My daughter's arrived today! WOW, I'm not sure who is more excited.

- Charlotte

Best Subscription

OMG! I think this is one of the best subscriptions I've ever bought! 

- familyfunandmayhem

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